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Email addresses and contacts for reaching BWFMEDIA.

General User Questions, Suggestions & Ideas
If you’re a reader who has questions, ideas, or suggestions for the BWFMEDIA staff, you can reach us at our new user feedback page. You can also send us feedback from anywhere in the site by simply clicking the Feedback tab over on the right.

Managers, Publicists & PR Professionals
If you’re a Publicist, Manager or Label Representative and you’d like to request that we cover your artist on BWFMEDIA, you can reach us at

BWFMEDIA does not accept unsolicited music or requests directly from artists.

If you’re interested in advertising on BWFMEDIA, you can learn more about our advertising options on our advertising page, or contact us directly at

Business Development
If you’d like to discuss business development opportunities regarding BWFMEDIA, you can reach us at

Write to us E-mail message

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes Only If It Meet Our Guidelines.
As Long As You Have A Budget.
Yes! We run ad campaigns for all project.
Yes as long as it meet all guidelines.
Yes we are always hiring!

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