Rapper Mo3 Shot and Killed on Dallas Freeway


Rapper Mo3 Shot and Killed on Dallas Freeway
Rapper Mo3 Shot and Killed on Dallas Freeway

The Dallas rap scene lost one of its own in November after rising rapper Mo3 was killed in a shooting in his hometown. The rapper, whose real name is Melvin Noble, was shot and killed after a car chase in Dallas. At the time, it was uncertain who killed the rapper and what motive someone would have for it.

Homicide detectives say they tracked down Kewon Dontrell White on Wednesday after getting a tip from a witness about his alleged involvement in Mo3’s November 11 killing in Dallas. Cops tell TMZ … they believe White is the armed man seen on surveillance video running near the murder scene.

Dallas PD says they got the guy who gunned down rapper Mo3 in cold blood, slapped him with a murder charge and turned him over to the feds … ’cause he’s in even more trouble.

It appears White either knew Mo3 or was tailing him — detectives say they have evidence placing him near the rapper a full day before the shooting, and also on the day of the murder.

As we first reported, sources told us Mo3 knew he was being tailed as he left a female companion’s home the morning of November 11. A car chase ensued that ended on the I-35 freeway, and Mo3 was gunned down as he tried to flee on foot.

Cops tell us 22-year-old White is now in federal custody for a charge of prohibited person in possession of a firearm … in addition to the murder charge in Dallas.


TMZ broke the story … Mo3 was pronounced dead at a hospital after the shooting in his hometown. An innocent bystander on the freeway was also shot and treated for non-life-threatening injuries

But on Dec 9, the police revealed they had arrested Mo3’s supposed killer, reporting that he is now in custody. Here’s what we know.

Mo3 was shot and killed in Dallas in November.

According to TMZ, the rapper was shot after being pursued in a car chase in Dallas, Mo3’s hometown, on Nov. 11. Mo3, who was leaving a “female companion’s house” that morning, reportedly realized he was being followed from the residence after stopping at a gas station.

The outlet reported that the rapper attempted to lose the person who was supposedly following him by jumping on I-35. Unfortunately, he ended up crashing and attempted to flee his assailant on foot. 

Whoever was following him reportedly got out of the car and began following Mo3 before shooting him. One other person, supposedly a bystander, was also shot, though they sustained non-life-threatening injuries. Mo3 was pronounced dead at the hospital. 

At the time, the police had few leads as to who had chased down the musician, and no arrests were immediately made. Mo3 was only 28 at the time of his death.

Kewon White was arrested and supposedly has connections with Yella Beezy.

The Dallas Morning News reported on Dec. 9, almost one month after Mo3’s death, that a suspect had been arrested in connection with the rapper’s death. Kewon Dontrell White, who is 22, was arrested in the rapper’s hometown in connection to the shooting. According to the outlet, White was indicted on a charge of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, though it’s not clear how he is connected to the death of Mo3.

The outlet wrote that White was supposedly in the general vicinity of where Mo3 was shot, and local law enforcement matched White with the physical description of the suspect.

Allegedly, White was also out on bond at the time of Mo3’s death for charges of unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon and evading arrest in Dallas County. White previously served time in prison after he was convicted of evading law enforcement in a stolen vehicle and other charges.

There are rumors that White had connections with the rapper Yella Beezy. Some of Mo3’s fans noticed that White had photos with friends of the rapper. It’s unclear if that connection served as a motive for the killing or if it is unrelated.

Yella Beezy and Mo3 had some slight beef with each other before Mo3’s death. Despite working in the same circles, Yella Beezy said in a 2019 interview that he had never heard of Mo3, and The Sun claims Yella Beezy did not comment on Mo3’s shooting.

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